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Premier Columbaria is a full service design and production company of cremation and columbaria products. We offer products
and services that start with conceptual design and planning, through the drafting and specing of the materials needed for
your project, to the fabrication and installation of the final memorial. Below is a quick list of the products and services we
offer and that will direct you to the areas of this site where they are featured.

Cremation Garden Planning and Design
You have a space that you have designated for a columbaria garden, but what do you do now? This section will offer ideas
on what it will take to get your project off the ground, or at least on the table!
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Project Design Services
There are some cool designer touches that can help embellish a standard columbaria or we can develop your property from
a blank slate. Our designers are experts in helping you get that most out of your columbaria project.
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Custom Features
Premier Columbaria not only designs columbaria solutions, but also works to improve the quality of the product and customer
experience using the product by offering solutions that look and perform as you would expect.
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Custom Tailored Projects
Premier Columbaria can take your project to the next level! Whatever you can imagine, we can fabricate and install on your
property. Check out our custom projects section to view pictures of completed projects to help you realize your projects potential.
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Our professionally trained crew will meet you on site and install the columbaria as planned. The products themselves will
be drop shipped to your location and we will take it from there! Our prices are very affordable, so call today to discuss the
possiblities of your job!
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Other Memorial Options
Do you have a small space or are looking for a unique product to remember someone special? Review the list of products
featured on the left column and look at all the options available to you.

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