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The Courtyard Memorial was designed in response to the growing demands of our clients for an individual columbaria large
and attractive enough to accept two sheet bronze or plastic urns. The granite plaque is large enough for 2 inscriptions plus an
individual design or photo, if desired. The Courtyard Memorial is wonderful "semi" private estate offering.

The Courtyard Memorials are available as single sided or double sided units. These two configuration work very well togather
in many garden design layouts to create a complete area as illustrated in the photographs.

Manufactured in a choice of polished colored granites, the distinctive roofline is especially attractive when the memorials are
used in rows or to form squares. The base is available with or without the flower vase hole.

A blank granite plaque is supplied with two screws and decorative roselles. please contact us if you would like
recommendations on how Courtyard Memorials can fit into your property.

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